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The Face and Body Institute is the only place of its kind in Krakow.


We offer a wide range of aesthetic and medical treatments – our team of qualified practitioners will be happy to fulfil your expectations!

Aesthetic medicine

is a medical specialty dealing with the prevention of ageing, repair of the damage done by time, and aesthetic improvements to the face and body.

Professional cosmetics

Cosmetic care is a specialty supporting the treatment of skin diseases, preventing skin aging and concerned with daily care to look healthy and beautiful.

Plastic surgery

Plastic surgery is a branch of medicine dealing with the correction of defects of appearance, deformities, and advanced signs of ageing.


Trichology is the scientific study of the diseases of hair and scalp. In particular, it deals with the treatment of hair loss and balding, dry and oily scalp as well as damaged hair.

Dermatologic surgery

Dermatologic surgery is a branch of surgery that includes prevention of skin, i.e. dermatoscopic examination and surgical removal of skin lesions.

Spa & wellness

Spa & Wellness is a magical area of relaxation, serving to restore your physical and mental balance. Massage, sauna, natural oils and herbs are the oldest means of keeping health and fit.

More than 6000 satisfied clients cannot be wrong!

Hello, I give both the salon and the staff an A+. The moment I entered I was surrounded by beautiful aromas and welcomed by friendly staff. Every time I called, the receptionist displayed excellent manners. I was very impressed, because sometimes you just can’t believe how careless they are when you make an appointment. I must say that the Brazilian bikini treatment is rather painful, but I’m satisfied with the results. I didn’t feel uncomfortable, even though it was my first hair removal procedure. Ladies, throw away your shavers! Hair removal creams and wax strips are a rip-off and a waste of money.


After a long search for the right clinic, I found the Face and Body Institute and I’m very satisfied. So far I’ve only used the services of the Doctor, who is not only an excellent physician, but also a great person. The Doctor removed a lesion from my face in such a way that there’s no mark left at all. Mostly, though, I’ve had Botox and mesotherapy with hyaluronic acid, and I’m superhappy with the results. A terrific specialist who doesn’t tell you fairy tales, but gives sensible advice. Besides, she’s a pretty and elegant woman, and a very nice person. She’s the reason why I’ll probably become a regular at this salon. When I’m there, I know I’m in great hands. Thank you!


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Describe your problem – to us – our medical consultant will advise you what to do – or call: 12 430 18 81

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